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Affiliate panel

Affiliate panel

In the Affiliate Panel, registered users can login and find banners and links to promote your campaigns. They can also monitor their statistics and earnings in real time!

The affiliate panel consists of several pages, which are shown in the menu on the left.

How the affiliate panel works

Affiliate panel pages

On the homepage of the affiliate panel, the affiliate sees his default link and a graph with the statistics and commissions generated during the last 30 days. Immediately below there is a report with recent statistics and commissions, divided by period. An overall balance is shown at the top on the page on the right, indicating all approved commissions and all the ones that are still pending for validation.

Banners and campaigns
On the "Banners and Campaigns" page the affiliate sees all the available campaigns, their respective details and the banners and links available to advertise the campaign. To use a banner/link the affiliate just have to clicks on "Show/hide banner code" and copy and paste his code. Affiliates can also search for a campaign or banner using the search filters, set additional parameters (channels) and add their 3PP trackings.

On the "Statistics" page, the affiliate sees several reports with the statistics and the commissions he generated. All reports are in real time. To search among the results, the affiliate can use the search filters located at the top of all pages.

My profile
On the "My profile" page, the affiliate can manage all his data and the settings related to his account. Affiliates can edit the following information: personal data, email address, password, websites, payment settings and email notifications.

Contact Us
On the "Contact Us" page, the affiliate finds the information to contact the support. He can use it in case of questions related to the Affiliate Network. A contact form is also available to send requests via email.

Manage the affiliate panel

The administrator of the affiliate network can customize the affiliate panel to suit his needs. All customizable sections of the affiliate panel are shown on this page.


You can change the logo and the name of your affiliate network.

Admin panel > Settings > Configuration > General

You can choose to show the default affiliate link in the affiliate panel homepage.

Admin panel > Settings > Banners > Show link in home

You can choose to display the "gGetting started" page in the menu and change its text.

Admin panel > Settings > Email and pages > Pages > Affiliates Menu

Banners and campaigns

You can create the campaigns that the affiliates will promote, each campaign has its own commissions and banners/links.

You can choose if the affiliates should apply for campaigns automatically or manually.

You can choose if the affiliates can enter their 3PP tracking (pixel or postback).

Admin panel > Advertising campaigns


You can choose which reports to show in the affiliate panel and which ones to hide.

Admin panel > Settings > Configuration > Affiliate panel > Show pages

My profile

You can choose the custom fields to show in the affiliate profile.

Admin panel > Settings > Profile fields

You can choose to show or hide the websites page.

Admin panel > Settings > Affiliate > Websites

You can choose the minimum payment amount and the payment methods available to the affiliates.

Admin panel > Settings > Payments


You can choose what data to show to affiliates who need assistance.

Admin panel > Settings > Configuration > Email

Affiliates signup

Users who want to advertise your campaigns can sign up to your affiliate network from the affiliate signup page. After signing up they will be able to access the affiliate panel.

There are several options that allow you to customize the signup page according to your needs.


You can change the logo and name of your affiliate network.

Admin panel > Settings > Configuration > General

You can choose to show the AffiliationSoftware introduction page or to redirect users to another page of your choice (affiliate signup, affiliate login, homepage of your site, etc.).

Admin panel> Settings > Signup > Hide intro page

Signup settings

You can change the settings of the signup page. An explanation of each field is indicated in the chapter "Settings > Signup".

Admin panel > Settings > Configuration > Signup

Custom fields

You can set up to 25 custom fields to be displayed on the signup page and in the affiliate profile.

Admin panel > Settings > Profile fields


You can choose whether the "Website" field should be mandatory or optional, or even disable it.

Admin panel > Settings > Configuration > Affiliates > Websites

Terms of service

You can change the text of the terms of service page or insert a link to a page on your website.

Admin panel > Settings > Email and pages > Page > Terms of service


You can choose whether to enable or disable Google ReCaptcha in the signup page. Google ReCaptcha increases the security of your affiliate network.

Admin panel > Settings > Configuration > ReCaptcha

Email messages

You can change the emails text that are sent to the affiliates when they complete the signup.

Admin panel > Settings > Email and pages > Email > Confirm your subscription