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Learn 10 interesting facts about Affiliate Marketing

Article published on: 21.07.2023

Affiliate Marketing is a popular way for businesses and individuals to earn revenue by promoting other companies' products and services on their own websites.  Here are 10 interesting facts about Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing accounted for 15% of all digital media advertising revenues. 2...

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Earn with Affiliate Marketing working as Subnetwork

Article published on: 04.03.2023

A subnetwork, also known as a sub-affiliate network, is a type of affiliate network that cooperate with a larger affiliate network.  Subnetworks allow smaller, niche publishers to join the larger affiliate network, and gain access to its advertisers and hundreds of offers, while still maintaining their own unique tracking and reporting systems. Benefits of a subnetwork One of the key benefits of a subnetwork is that it allows smaller publishers to tap into the resources of a larger affiliate network without having to invest in their own technology and infrastructure...

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What is the difference between a tracking Pixel and a Postback?

Article published on: 14.12.2022

  As an affiliate network owner, it is important to understand the difference between a pixel and a postback. These two terms are often used interchangeably, but they actually refer to two different things, although both are used to track conversions in real time. What is a tracking pixel?..

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How to create an Affiliate Network with Bitcoin as currency

Article published on: 12.08.2022

How to create an affiliate network with bitcoin as currency Did you know that AffiliationSoftware allows you to create your own affiliate network that use bitcoin as default currency? In times like this, everyone is interested in earning more bitcoin. You can now offer bitcoin commissions to your affiliates in exchange of their efforts in promoting your brand...

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AffiliationSoftware Network v.2.10.8 released

Article published on: 04.09.2021

A new release of AffiliationSoftware Network is now available. This version includes new features, existing features improvements and bug fixes.  What’s new in this version?..

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How to integrate the affiliate panel in your website using API

Article published on: 01.09.2021

Did you know that you can easily integrate the affiliate panel in your website? It can be done using the API provided with our affiliate software.  In this tutorial we will create a simple page that will work as standalone affiliate panel...

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10 affiliate program directory to find new affiliates in 2023

Article published on: 14.07.2021

Affiliate program directory are websites that lists hundreds of affiliate programs, classified by categories, features, commissions, countries, etc. Affiliates are constantly looking for new offers in their niche and these websites help them find and start new partnership.  The good news is that It’s a good opportunity for you as well...

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How to find affiliates for your affiliate program, 5 easiest ways

Article published on: 06.07.2021

5 ways to find affiliates that will promote your affiliate program The affiliates are the users who promote your affiliate program with banners and links. There are several ways to recruit new affiliates, this tutorial explains 5 of the most simple and effective ways to find new affiliates. Create a page on your website The easiest way to promote your affiliate program and allow users to sign up is to create a dedicated page on your website...

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How to integrate AffiliationSoftware with Google Analytics

Article published on: 24.06.2021

How to integrate your affiliate network with Google Analytics Find out how to integrate the banners and links of your affiliate network with Google Analytics, the popular web statistics platform made available for free by Google. You can integrate your affiliate network with Google Analytics to view the exact sources of traffic and conversions, even splitting it by single affiliate or advertising campaign. Add parameters to the banners/links To integrate the banners and links of your affiliate network with Google Analytics you must first add the parameters in the official tool provided directly by Google: https://ga-dev-tools...

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