Affiliates will promote banners and links to earn the campaign's commissions. Whenever, thanks to the advertising of an affiliate, an action is performed (such as a click, a sale or a lead), AffiliationSoftware recognizes it and assigns a commission to the affiliate.

How to set up campagins' commissions

6.1. Set up commissions

After creating a campaign, you have to set up the commissions. Different types of commissions are available. You can enter a fixed amount or a percentage that will be calculated based on the price of the order. 

To set the campaign’s commissions, click on the "Commissions" link located at the top of the page. Choose the type of commission you want to give to your affiliates (sale, lead or action) and enter the amount in the "1° tier commission" field. Use the dot as a decimal separator. If you want to give per click or multilevel commissions, enter the amounts in the respective fields. If you don't want to use these commission, enter "0" (zero).

If you choose percentage in the 1° tier commission, all multilevel commissions will be calculated as a percentage on the total amount of the order (cost * commission / 100).

6.2. Types of commissions

With AffiliationSoftware you can set different types of commissions and reward your affiliates for on specific actions. The commissions of an affiliate network are based on performance marketing, which mean you only pay when you get results. If you set a sale commission, the affiliate only earns when he brings you a sale.

Sale *

This commission is related to the purchase of a product or a service. If the sale was referred by an affiliate, he earns a Sale commission. It can be a fixed amount or a percentage of the order's amount.

Lead *
This commission is related to a user’s registration. If the user was referred by an affiliate,  the affiliate earns a Lead commission.

Action *
This commission can be related to any action. If the action was referred by an affiliate, the affiliate earns a commission per Action.

The click commissions are based on the clicks received on the affiliate’s banners / links. They are registered when a new visitor clicks on a banner/link and enter the website. AffiliationSoftware automatically recognizes unique clicks from multiple clicks and registers commissions only for unique clicks.

Impressions commissions are used to reward affiliates for each banner view.

Signup Bonus
It is a bonus given to the new affiliates as soon as they sign up to your affiliate network. It can be useful to encourage users to join your affiliate network.

Referrals (sub-affiliates)
This commission rewards the affiliate when he brings a new affiliate to sign up to your affiliate network. The new affiliate automatically becomes his sub-affiliate, and, if the multilevel is enabled, he will earn 2° tier commissions based on the results of his sub-affiliates.

Multilevel commissions *
When an affiliate refers an action, he receives the 1° tier commission, his sponsor receives the 2° tier commission, the sponsor of his sponsor the 3° tier commission, and so on (up to a maximum of 10 tiers).

Recurring commissions *
The recurring commissions are designed for those who sell subscriptions or services. In addition to the initial commission (when the sale takes place) the affiliate receives a commission every time the event occurs (every 7 days, every 1 month, every 3 months, etc ...).

Other types of commissions *
These 3 additional types of commissions are used to rewards affiliates for specific actions:
"Install" (CPI) when installing a desktop or mobile app.
"Player" (CPP) when a player reaches a certain goal or level.
"Click-Out" when clicking an exit-link that leads to an external site.

* These commissions require the integration of the tracking code.

6.3. Commissions’ segments

With the commissions’ segments you can set different commissions within the same campaign. You can use them to assign higher or lower commissions to specific affiliates, or to force the system to track different actions and products.

Create a commission segment

To manage the commissions’ segments, go to the "Edit campaign" page and click on the "Segments" link located at the top. On this page you see all the commissions’ segments available in the campaign.

To create a new commission segment, click on the "Add" button, located at the bottom of the page. To edit a commission segment, click on the pencil icon, located on the right.

The page to set a commission segment is similar to the campaign commission, but with an additional field called "Segment", where you must enter the name of the commission segment. Then enter the commissions you want to use and leave "0" (zero) in the ones you don't use.

Assign a commission segment to an affiliate

See chapter "Relationships: Change commission segment"

Assign a commission segment to a product

You can track different commissions within the same campaign, for example sales and leads, or product1 and product2.

To do this, create 2 commission segments, which will be called "lead" and "product2".

Then create 2 tracking codes, forcing the first on the "lead" segment and the second on "product2".

Then enter the tracking codes in your "thank you pages", respectively the one for the lead and the one for the product2.

Admin panel > Settings > Tracking