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Covering URLs

Covering URLs

The Covering URLs feature of AffiliationSoftware allows you to change the default URL of your affiliate links with an URL of your choice.

How to use covering urls

Follow these simple steps to set up your Covering URLs:

1. Make sure you have the Covering URLs plugin.

2. Contact our support to request the Covering URL file. 

3. Open the Covering URL file with a text editor and add the main URL of your affiliate network in the first variable. Example: 

$path = "";

4. Upload the covering URL file in your own domain, subdomain or a directory of your choice, the location where you upload this file will be used as URL for your affiliate links. You can rename the file, but do not change the ".php" file extension.

5. From your Admin Panel, edit the banners/links you want to change the URL, and under "Additional information" fill in the "Covering URL" field with the complete URL where you have uploaded the covering URL file, don't forget to include the filename. 

How to use Covering URLs

6.  Under "Admin Panel > Settings > Configuration > Banners" you can also choose if the redirect should be processed by PHP (server-side redirect) or HTML (client-side redirect). The latter will hide the original Referring URL and show the Covering URL instead.

If you need to use different URLs keep in mind that you can upload the same Covering URL file in multiple locations/domains, and then specify a custom URL for each of your banners/links.

The Covering URL feature is compatible with SubID, Channels and Prefill. 

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