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Direct Linking

About Direct Linking


Direct Linking allows affiliates to use links that point directly to your domain instead of using the redirection page of AffiliationSoftware.

These links are more SEO Friendly and also allow conversion tracking with first party cookies, which is  supported by all major browsers.

To use Direct Linking, it is necessary to insert, in addition of the conversion tracking code, an extra javascript code to track clicks. The click tracking code must be entered on every page of your website.

Example link with Redirect:

Example link with Direct Linking:

Direct Linking Affiliate Tracker

How does it work

Make sure the "Direct Linking" plugin is active.

In the campaigns where you want to use the Direct Linking, just check the appropriate box available in the campaign settings section. This way all banners and links of that campaign will automatically use Direct Linking.

Insert the javascript code to track clicks in each page of your website.

Insert the javascript code to track conversions in the “thank you page” of your site. For conversions tracking you can follow the guideline available in our tracking documentation.

You can find both tracking codes on the page:

Admin Panel > Settings > Tracking > Type > Direct Linking

Did you know

You can use Direct Linking tracking codes (both clicks and conversions) even if you have not enabled Direct Linking in the campaign. This will allow you to track with first-party cookies, even if you use links with Redirect, allowing you to recognize conversions even if a browser blocks third-party pixels.

With Direct Linking you can also enable Web Storage tracking, which unlike cookies, has no expiration date and remains active forever, unless the user deletes it manually. You can enable Web Storage tracking from:

Admin Panel > Settings > Configuration > Tracking Settings > Web storage

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