Use a custom domain/subdomain

Use a custom domain/subdomain

AffiliationSoftware offers as an additional service the ability to change the URL of your affiliate network with a domain or a subdomain of your choice. 

Initial URL example:
Custom subdomain example:


By pointing a domain or subdomain, it will seem that the affiliate network is installed on your website, giving a more professional impression to the users. It will also be easier for affiliates to remember their Tracking Links, which will be shorter and point directly to your domain, increasing SEO. Cookies will also be saved directly on your domain, allowing you to track using first-party cookies.

How does it work

With this service you can change the URL of your Affiliate Network from: to:, or in the case of a subdomain (recommended): You can also use multiple domains / subdomains, for example one for all the panels and another for all the banners and links.


You can set up a domain or a subdomain of your choice, as long as you own it and you can change its DNS. To set up a domain or a subdomain, you need to tell us its name and wait that we will configure it on our servers. We will then send you an email with instructions to change the DNS of your domain or subdomain. To set up a top-level domain you need to change the Nameserver or the A RECORD. While to set up a sub-domain you need to change the A RECORD. DNS propagation can take up to 24 hours.


The cost of this service starts from €2.49/month, all inclusive! *

Buy for 1 month (2.99€/month) Buy for 1 year (2.49€/month)

* In some plans this service is included. The domain or subdomain must yours, the purchase of this service consists in its configuration on our servers and in your affiliate network.