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Multilevel Marketing


Thanks to the Multilevel Marketing you can grow your affiliate network, rewarding affiliates who recruit new sub-affiliates with referral and multilevel commissions. AffiliationSoftware has a multilevel system with a up to 10 tiers depth matrix and unlimited width.

Multilevel Marketing Software


With Multilevel marketing you can reward affiliates, not only for their direct sales, but also for those made by the sub-affiliates they have recruited.

A sub-affiliate is an affiliate that has registered to your affiliate network thanks to the advertising of another affiliate, so called sponsor.

Sub-affiliate tracking works automatically. A user just have to clicks on an affiliate's banner/link. When he sign up to your affiliate network, he is automatically recognized as sub-affiliate.

Multilevel commissions can be set to encourage affiliates to recruit new sub-affiliates. Multilevel commissions consist of a percentage of the sales generated by the sub-affiliates. While Referrals commissions consist of a fix amount for each sub-affiliate registered.


You can set multilevel commissions in each campaign. Multilevel commissions are triggered in upline. When an affiliate generates a sale, he receives the 1° tier commission; his sponsor (if he has one) receives the 2° tier commission; the sponsor of his sponsor receives the 3° tier commission, and so on, up to a maximum of 10 levels. If you leave 0 (zero) multilevel commissions are not registered.

A multilevel marketing plan widely used in e-commerce sites (and safe in terms of investment) is to pay a high percentage at the 1° tier, and a lower percentage at the 2° tier. For example, 15% on sales generated directly by the affiliate (1° level), and 3% to its sponsor affiliate (2° level).


Unlike multilevel commissions, Referral commissions are assigned to the affiliate at the exact moment when a sub-affiliate register to your affiliate network. Referral commissions can only be set in the default campaign. They consist of a fix amount, like for example 0.50€ per referral. In this case, the affiliate receives a commission of 0.50€ each time, thanks to his advertising, a sub-affiliate register to your Affiliate Network.


On this page you can see the affiliate's downline. The downline is a report that shows all the sub-affiliates, who have registerd to your affiliate network thanks to the advertising of another affiliate. In the downline you can see the total number of sub-affiliates present in each level. You can also see the name and level of each sub-affiliate.

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