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The Prefill feature of AffiliationSoftware allows your affiliates to automatically pass custom data from their links to the advertisers website. This features is commonly used in email marketing (DEM) to auto-complete lead generation forms.

How to use Prefill

Follow these simple steps to set up your Prefill:

1. Make sure you have the Prefill plugin.

2. From your Admin Panel, edit the banners/links where you want to enable the Prefill, and under "Additional information" select the Prefill data you want to use. You can select multiple data by keeping the CTRL key pressed.

How to use Prefill

3. In the destination URL field of the banner/link, be sure to add the Prefill variables in the parameters where you want the data passed by the affiliates to appear in the advertiser link. You can use the following variables:


4. Once done, the affiliates will be able to add custom data to their affiliate links. The custom data added by the affiliates in the prefill parameters will be automatically passed in the advertiser links.

Prefill example

This is an example of affiliate link with Prefill:{EMAIL}&pfirstname={FIRSTNAME}

The affiliate can add "" as email and "john" as name, like this:

Once clicked, this link will redirect to the destination URL with the Prefill data in it:

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