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On this page you will find several useful tools for your affiliate network. You can send emails and newsletters, upload banners, view system logs, and much more.

Other useful affiliate tools


The newsletter allows you to send emails to all affiliates or to a specific group of them. You can use it to send communications such as: new campaigns available, paused campaigns, etc.

To send a newsletter, select the recipients by choosing a group of affiliates or entering their email addresses (one per line). Then enter the subject and text of the message and click on the "Send" button.

You can also postpone the sending of a newsletter by entering the sending date in the "Date" field.

If you want to send a test email, just enter your email address in the "Specify email" field.

The newsletter of AffiliationSoftware sends 100 emails per hour.


On this page you can upload files and images which can be used as banners.

Select the files you want to upload from your PC to start the upload process.

Jpg, jpeg, gif, png and swf files are allowed. The file name cannot contain spaces or special characters.

Once the upload is complete, the URL address of the file will be shown. Copy it and paste it in the "Image URL" field to use it as a banner.

Alternatively, you can upload the banners to a folder on your site and recall them by entering the respective URL. Example:

12.3. SUBID

With SubIDs you can assign a second ID to affiliates. They are used to recognize commissions on platforms that accept only predefined values, often related to the Gambling world.

First create some SubIDs, be sure to enter enough SubIDs for all affiliates.

Then enter the variable [subid] in the destination URL of the banner/link, this variable will be replaced with the SubID of the affiliate.

A SubID is assigned to the affiliate when someone clicks on his banner/link for the first time.

SubIDs stay connected to the affiliates forever and allow you to recognize which affiliate generated the conversion in the advertiser reports.

12.4. LOGS

On this page you can see the system logs. The logs register useful information to verify how the tracking system works.

Online now

Shows the users who are online at this moment (in the last 5 minutes).

Login history
Shows the latest logins made by users who accessed your affiliate network.

Messages sent
Shows the latest emails (notifications and newsletters) that have been sent to the users.

Show errors found in affiliate links and in the tracking codes.

Shows all times the tracking pixel and the postback have been called.