Latest News

Latest News

Keep up on the latest updates available in our Affiliate Network Software.

21.05.2024Geo-target IPs database updated.

08.05.2024New tracking integration for Offer18.

20.04.2024Merchants Export CSV and Newsletter.

02.03.2024Deep-links security improved.

16.02.2024New tracking integration for WebNode.

16.11.2023New plugin available: Cashback.

27.09.2023Swedish language available for AffiliationSoftware.

01.09.2023New tracking integration for Netaffiliation - Kwanko.

15.08.2023Hindi language available for AffiliationSoftware.

09.08.2023Tracking integration for Tradedoubler updated.

21.07.2023New tracking integration for Oxid eShop.

29.06.2023Tracking integration for Magento v2+ updated.

29.05.2023Google Authenticator for secure login.

24.04.2023Tracking integration for Shopify updated.

15.03.2023New tracking integration for HitPath.

09.03.2023New tracking integration for Adtraction.

06.03.2023Plugin for WooCommerce (Wordpress) updated.

03.02.2023Polish language available for AffiliationSoftware.

17.10.2022New tracking integration for Zeydoo.

07.10.2022New API available: get coupons and daily statistics.

07.09.2022AffiliationSoftware Network V.2.10.9 released.

11.08.2022Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency settings optimized.

24.05.2022New tracking integration for Impact Radius.

03.03.2022Plugin for WooCommerce (Wordpress) updated.

07.02.2022New tracking integration for Scaleo.

06.11.2021New tracking integration for Vilkas e-commerce.

25.10.2021Finnish language available for AffiliationSoftware.

03.09.2021AffiliationSoftware Network V.2.10.8 released.

13.08.2021New plugins available: Custom RefID & Forced Matrix.

01.08.2021New tracking integration for Squarespace.

18.06.2021New tracking integration for Admitad.

08.06.2021AffiliationSoftware Network V.2.10.7 released.

06.05.2021New plugin available for WooCommerce (Wordpress).

04.03.2021New tracking integration for PrestaShop v1.7.

13.02.2021AffiliationSoftware Network V.2.10.6 released.

21.01.2021AffiliationSoftware Network V.2.10.5 released.

07.01.2021AffiliationSoftware Network website in german.

16.11.2020Direct Linking with first-party cookie tracking.

02.11.2020AffiliationSoftware website in french and spanish.

02.09.2020New tracking integrations for WIX e MoonClerk.

11.08.2020New plugin available: Coupons & offline sales.

16.06.2020New theme and colored labels for statuses.

04.06.2020Per product tracking now available for ECWID.

09.05.2020New tracking integrations for Impact and CPAkitchen.

07.04.2020New tracking integrations for Cartflow and WHMCS.

05.03.2020AffiliationSoftware available as progressive web app.

10.02.2020Documentation for AffiliationSoftware Network V.2.10.

19.12.2019AffiliationSoftware API optimized.

09.12.2019AffiliationSoftware Network V.2.10 released.

27.09.2019New tracking integration for Ecommerce Templates.

10.09.2019AffiliationSoftware Professional v.3.3.8 released.

14.07.2019Lifetime and Recurring commissions optimized.

04.06.2019New tracking integration for Shopware.

18.05.2019AffiliationSoftware’s chatbot available.

02.04.2019AffiliationSoftware Network beta v.3.3.7 released.

26.03.2019New plugin available: Auto-approve commissions.

13.03.2019New Downline and Multilevel marketing features.

01.03.2019AffiliationSoftware website in german.

11.02.2019AffiliationSoftware’s API improved.

26.01.2019Geo-target IPs database updated.

21.12.2018AffiliationSoftware Starter v.3.3.6 released.

13.12.2018Portughese and Russian languages added.

24.11.2018New tracking integration for Stripe.

05.11.2018AffiliationSoftware Network beta v.3.3.4 released.

12.10.2018Improved PHP and SMTP email sending settings.

21.08.2018Downline showing subaffiliates’ commissions.

03.08.2018New tracking integration for aMember.

26.06.2018Added support for Russian alphabet.

14.06.2018New tracking integration for Cratejoy.

28.05.2018AffiliationSoftware Network beta v.3.3.2 released.

13.04.2018New plugin available: Landing page banners.

01.04.2018New tracking integration for Rezgo and Chargebee.

21.03.2018Google ReCAPTCHA updated to v2.

15.02.2018New tracking integration for LeadPages.

02.02.2018AffiliationSoftware Network beta v.3.3.1 released.

10.01.2018New plugin available: Affiliates’ custom RefID.

09.12.2017New plugins available: Covering URLs and Prefill.

22.11.2017New plugin available: Suggest campaigns.

18.10.2017AffiliationSoftware Business v.3.2.7 released.

09.10.2017New plugin available: Lifetime commissions.

26.09.2017New tracking integration for 3DCart e-commerce.

13.09.2017New plugin available: AffiliationSoftware REST API.

07.09.2017New tracking integration for UberCart (Drupal).

04.09.2017New plugin available: Real-time statistics chart.

28.08.2017Spanish language available for AffiliationSoftware.

23.08.2017New plugin available: Post-View tracking.

18.08.2017AffiliationSoftware Business v.3.2.6 released.

14.07.2017New tracking integration for Contact Form 7 (wp).

14.07.2017New plugin available: Short link & Link cloaker.

05.07.2017New plugin available: Multi-currency commissions.

01.07.2017New plugin available: Forced Matrix with Spillover.

13.06.2017New plugin available: Direct linking (SEO friendly).

05.06.2017AffiliationSoftware Business v.3.2.5 released.

02.05.2017AffiliationSoftware Professional v.3.2.4 released.

22.04.2017New plugin available: Performance rewards.

05.04.2017French language available for AffiliationSoftware.

11.03.2017Click and impressions multilevel commissions.

01.02.2017AffiliationSoftware Professional v.3 released.

30.01.2017New tracking integration for Bookeo.

19.01.2017New Client area for AffiliationSoftware v.3.

05.10.2016New dedicated server for our SaaS customers.

02.09.2016New plugin available: 3PP impressions pixel.

29.07.2016New tracking integration for Gravityform (wp).

11.03.2016New plugin available: Prefill (DEM).

03.01.2016New Tracking for Incomedia Website X5.

30.11.2015New tracking integration for Shopify.

14.10.2015New plugin available: Covering URLs (DEM).

07.09.2015New tracking integration for ShopWare.

09.07.2015New tracking integration for Magento.

10.06.2015New tracking for Easy Digital Downloads (wp).

18.05.2015Tracking integration for OpenCart 2.x.

14.04.2015Updated tags for Banner and DEM.

07.03.2015Tracking for WooCommerce (wordpress).

19.02.2015New dedicated server and CDN service.

20.01.2015New plugin available: Add Multiple Banners.

12.01.2015New plugin available: Featured Campaigns.

19.12.2014New plugin available: Clicks Export CSV.

24.11.2014New plugin available: GEO-target Redirect.

19.11.2014New tracking for PrestaShop (all versions).

03.10.2014Mobile app for AffiliationSoftware v.2 alpha.

26.09.2014New tracking method for Ecwid.

02.08.2014New tracking method for Webnode.

19.07.2014General tracking scripts optimization.

14.06.2014Automatic metatag verification for websites.

02.06.2014New plugin available: 3PP postback URL (s2s).

31.05.2014New plugin: Manage permissions for Merchants.

03.05.2014Direct linking and click tracking optimization.

21.03.2014New plugin available: Custom CSS code.

19.03.2014New plugin available: Conversions statistics.

12.02.2014New, bigger, faster server for our customers.

31.01.2014New plugin: Advanced Downline Stats.

23.11.2013New plugin available: payments details.

07.11.2013New tracking integration for Magento.

03.09.2013General emails system optimization.

05.08.2013General tracking parameters optimization.

13.07.2013New tracking integration for PrestaShop.

17.05.2013New plugins available for AffiliationSoftware.

21.03.2013New, bigger, faster server for our customers.

12.03.2013General merchants panel optimization.

12.03.2013CR statistics (conversion rate) available.

27.02.2013New plugin available: Export CSV.

02.02.2013General statsitics system optimization.

22.01.2013Fix release for merchants statsitics.

17.01.2013New plugin available: Pay per impressions (CPM).

05.01.2013AffiliationSoftware v.2.9 released.

02.01.20132 new tracking integrations available.

29.12.2012New, bigger, faster server for our customers.

26.12.2012General network version optimization.

07.12.2012Fix release for private campagins (Network version).

01.12.2012AffiliationSoftware Network v.2.8 released.

22.11.2012AffiliationSoftware Business v.2.8 released.

07.11.2012General decimal amounts optimization.

02.11.2012S2S postback tracking URL available.

08.10.2012Fix release for emails in SaaS versions.

05.10.2012Fix release for flash banners and impressions.

15.09.2012General cross-browser theme optimization. homepage updated.

01.09.2012New plugin available: Social Network Share.

02.08.2012French language available for AffiliationSoftware v.2.8.

26.07.2012German language available for AffiliationSoftware v.2.8.

18.07.2012AffiliationSoftware Professional v.2.8 released.

18.07.2012New plugin available: Ban system.

14.06.2012AffiliationSoftware homepage updated.

29.05.2012AffiliationSoftware v.2.7 released.

15.04.2012New plugin available: Video Banners. homepage available.

13.03.2012New plugin available: commissions split.

15.02.2012General email system optinization.

13.01.2012New tracking integration for OpenCart.

18.12.2011New, bigger, faster server for our customers.

29.11.2011New tracking integration for Zen-Cart.

27.11.2011New plugins available for AffiliationSoftware.

11.11.2011Security: Automatic backup system enabled.

28.10.2011General links optimizazion for social networks.

28.10.2011New plugin available: Banner code (DEM).

12.10.2011New tracking integration for FrameCommerce.

03.10.2011AffiliationSoftware documentation updated.

19.09.2011New plugins available for AffiliationSoftware.

07.08.2011AffiliationSoftware homepage updated.

17.07.2011SaaS versions updated to v.2.5.

14.12.2010New plugins available for AffiliationSoftware.

07.10.2010AffiliationSoftware v.2.4 released.

23.07.2010AffiliationSoftware v.2.0 released.

29.06.2010New, bigger, faster server for our customers.

19.03.2010AffiliationSoftware SaaS released.

28.01.2010Fix release for websites on aruba hosting.

25.08.2009AffiliationSoftware v.1.2 released.

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