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On this page you can configure and manage your advertising campaigns. Each campaign is an affiliate program in itself and has its own commissions and banners/links.

Affiliates can promote your campaigns by publishing the available banners and links, and earn a commission of your choice for each action they refer (for example when they bring a sale).

With AffiliationSoftware you have the possibility to create unlimited campaigns. You can promote your websites, those of your customers or those of other affiliate networks.

How to manage advertising campaigns

5.1. Create a campaign

To create a new campaign click on the "Actions > Add" button, located at the bottom of the page on the left. Complete the required fields. To start, you can only enter the campaign name and set the status to "Active (automatic)". All other fields are optional, you can leave them blank and complete them later. An explanation of each field is available in the next chapter. Once finished click the "Save" button, you will be redirected to the page to set the campaign commissions. To complete the creation of an advertising campaign, don't forget to: set up the commissions, add the banners and links, and integrate the tracking code.

5.2. Edit a campaign

To edit a campaign click on the campaign's name (in bold) or on the pencil icon (on the right). A page will open, where you can edit all the details and the settings of the campaign. Below you can find an explanation of each field.

Enter the name of the campaign, it will be displayed in all panels.

You can enter a slogan, which will be displayed in the affiliate panel, under the campaign name.

You can enter the URL of the campaign logo or upload your image. The recommended size is 120x60 pixels. 

You can specify a category. Affiliates can search for campaigns by category.

You can enter a description for the campaign, it will be displayed in the affiliates panel. This field also supports the multilanguage syntax.

You can sort the campaigns by entering a number from 1 to 255. If the number is the same, the campaigns are sorted by creation date (most recent above).

Featured (plugin)
Check this box if you want to show the campaign on the affiliate panel homepage.

You can choose whether the campaign is active or inactive. An explanation of each status is available in the chapter "Campaigns statuses".

Select an advertiser to allow him to see this campaign’s statistics in the advertiser panel.

Geo-Target (plugin)
Choose the country or countries from which you want to accept traffic. Select "All" to accept traffic from all over the world. Traffic from excluded countries is automatically blocked.

Third party pixel (plugin)
If you enable Third party pixel (3PP), affiliates can enter their tracking codes, and receive real-time commission notifications.

You can enter a note. Notes are private and are only visible to admins.

This link takes you to the page where you can set up the campaign's commissions.
Learn more

This link takes you to the page where you can create additional commission segments for the campaign.
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This link takes you to the page where you can manage the banners and links of the campaign.
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5.3. Campaigns statuses

The campaign is under construction, it is not visible in the affiliate panel nor in the advertiser panel.

Active (automatic)
The campaign is active and affiliates can promote it. It isn't required to register for the campaign in order to promote it.

Active (manual)
The campaign is active and affiliates can promote it. Affiliates must apply for the campaign and wait for the admin's manual approval to promote it.

Active (hidden)
The campaign is active but is visible only to affiliates who have been manually applied by an admin.

The campaign is paused, it is visible but it is not possible to promote it. Affiliate applications remain saved.

Paused (CAP)
The campaign is paused due to budget exhaustion (CAP), it is visible but it is not possible to promote it. Affiliates applications remain saved.

The campaign is inactive, is not visible and cannot be promoted. Affiliates applications are deleted.

5.4. Delete a campaign

You can delete a campaign by clicking the trash can icon (on the right), or by selecting the row and then clicking on the "Actions > Delete" button. When you delete a campaign, all the data connected to it will be permanently deleted from the affiliate network. Transactions and payments remain saved in the system, but anonymously.

5.5. Default campaign

There is a default campaign, which can be edited but not deleted. This campaign is required for the multilevel system, which automatically recognizes the sub-affiliates when they register. This campaign is the only one that allows you to set Referrals commissions. We recommend using the default campaign to promote your affiliate network or website. If you don't want to use this campaign, you can hide it by setting "Inactive" as status.