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WHAT IS Impact Radius?

Impact Radius is a well-known affiliated network. Their main focus is helping merchants cope with their advertising programs. It is also a popular choice for affiliates, because they can become a publisher on this network very easily. Impact Radius is featured with an admirable group of products meant for Media attribution, Tag management, Mobile Analytics and Performance marketing.

Affiliate Network Software for Impact Radius

IS Impact Radius compatible?

Our affiliate software is perfectly compatible with Impact Radius. With AffiliationSoftware you can automatically track conversions and reward your affiliates for each referred sales. The integration can be done by placing your tracking code, with the correct parameters, in a specific section of Impact Radius. If you need to integrate your affiliate network with Impact Radius, simply contact our support team, who will promptly send you step-by-step instructions that will explain how to integrate your tracking code with Impact Radius.

WHAT CAN I DO WITH Impact Radius?

Here is what you can accomplish by integrating our affiliate software with Impact Radius.

  Postback: You can use Postback (S2S tracking) to track commissions in real-time

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