Learn 10 interesting facts about Affiliate Marketing

Learn 10 interesting facts about Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a popular way for businesses and individuals to earn revenue by promoting other companies' products and services on their own websites. 

Here are 10 interesting facts about Affiliate Marketing:

1. Affiliate marketing accounted for 15% of all digital media advertising revenues.

2. The affiliate marketing industry is worth an estimated $12 billion in the United States alone.

3. The average affiliate marketing commission rate is between 5-20% of the sale price.

4. The average click-through rate for affiliate marketing is 1-2%.

5. Affiliate marketing is most effective when used in combination with other digital marketing channels.

6. The top three industries for affiliate marketing are retail, finance, and travel.

7. The average affiliate marketing website earns $3,500 per month.

8. 90% of affiliate marketers make less than $100 per month.

9. Blogs are the most popular type of website for affiliate marketing, followed by social and review websites.

10. The affiliate marketing industry is expected to continue growing in the coming years, with a predicted compound annual growth rate of 10.1% between 2021 and 2026.

Overall, affiliate marketing can be a valuable source of revenue for businesses and individuals, but it requires careful planning and management to be successful. By understanding the statistics and trends in the industry, businesses can make informed decisions about how to best leverage affiliate marketing to their advantage.

Article published on: 21.07.2023

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