Earn with Affiliate Marketing working as Subnetwork

Earn with Affiliate Marketing working as Subnetwork

A subnetwork, also known as a sub-affiliate network, is a type of affiliate network that cooperate with a larger affiliate network. 

Subnetworks allow smaller, niche publishers to join the larger affiliate network, and gain access to its advertisers and hundreds of offers, while still maintaining their own unique tracking and reporting systems.

Benefits of a subnetwork

One of the key benefits of a subnetwork is that it allows smaller publishers to tap into the resources of a larger affiliate network without having to invest in their own technology and infrastructure. This can be especially helpful for publishers who are just starting out in the affiliate marketing space and may not have the resources to build their own tracking and reporting systems.

Additionally, subnetworks can help advertisers reach a more targeted audience, expand their reach and potentially increase their profits and sales.

But most important, it's very useful for the sub-network owners, because they can access affiliate programs of popular brands and earn a percentage on each sale/lead. For example: the affiliate network pays 10$ per sale to the sub-network, the sub-network pays 7$ to the publisher that referred the sale and keeps the remaining 3$.

How to work as a Subnetwork

With AffiliationSoftware you can create an affiliate network that work as sub-network and track sales/leads in real time with your postback. AffiliationSoftware’s postback can be easily integrated with most affiliate networks, and give your affiliates detailed tracking and reporting tools. 

Some of the bigger and most popular affiliate networks that you can work with are Awin and TradeDoubler. Both have a wide range of offers and advertisers, for different countries  and verticals, that you can give to your affiliates.

Overall, subnetworks can be a valuable resource for everybody, especially the affiliate network owners, but also for publishers and advertisers, each one earns something! This can help everyone grow their businesses and reach a wider audience, ultimately leading to increased sales and revenue.

Article published on: 04.03.2023

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