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On this page you can manage all the affiliates registered to your affiliate network. Affiliates are users who sign up to your affiliate network to promote campaigns and earn commissions. Only affiliates with  "Active" as status can access the affiliate panel.

Manage the affiliates

4.1. Sign up an affiliate

Affiliates can sign up for your affiliate network from the affiliate sign up page. You can also sign them up manually by clicking on the "Actions> Add" button. Just complete the required fields (name, email and password) and click on the "Save" button. An explanation of each field is available in the next chapter.

4.2. Edit an affiliate’s profile

To see and edit an affiliate’s profile, click on his name (in bold) or on the pencil icon (located on the right). A new page will open where you can edit all the affiliate's data and settings. The following points explain how each field works.

Account settings
Here you can change the affiliate's login details (email and password), his status (explained in the next chapter) and his multi-level sponsor.

Additional information
Custom profile fields are shown here. You can use these fields to request additional information to affiliates. For example: their address, Skype contact, Facebook page, or the company name and VAT number.
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Payment settings
The payment settings allow the affiliate to choose the minimum amount to be reached to receive payments, the payment method he prefers to use and his data to receive the payments.
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Email notifications
You can enable or disable the email notifications for your affiliate, they can also enable or disable email notifications from their panel.

You can enter notes. Notes are private and are only visible to admins.

By clicking this link you can see all the affiliate's websites. The websites that have been inserted are automatically recorded in the statistics. You can make the websites mandatory, optional or disable them, from the settings.

By clicking this link you can see which advertising campaigns the affiliate has joined. With commission segments you can also assign higher or lower commissions to specific affiliates.

By clicking on this link you can see the affiliate's downline. If you use multilevel, the downline shows you all the sub-affiliates connected to the affiliate and their respective levels.

4.3. Approve the Affiliates

Users who want to promote your campaigns must sign up to your affiliate network. If you have set up manual signup you must approve or decline the new affiliates manually. If an affiliate has "Confirmed" status, you can approve him, by selecting him and clicking on the "Actions > Approve" button located at the bottom of the page. Or reject him by clicking on the "Actions > Decline" button. The affiliate will receive an email notification with the result of his registration. Only affiliates with "Active" as status can access the affiliate panel.

4.4. Affiliates' statuses


The affiliate has signed up and is active. "Active" affiliates can access the affiliate panel.

It means that the affiliate has signed up but has not confirmed his email address yet. Pending affiliates cannot access the affiliate panel.

The affiliate has signed up and confirmed his email address. At this point, the admin must choose whether to approve or decline him. "Confirmed" affiliates cannot access the affiliate panel.

The affiliate has signed up but his membership has been refused, or has been suspended due to a violation. Affiliates with "Declined" as status, cannot access the affiliate panel.

4.5. Delete an affiliate

You can delete an affiliate by clicking on the trash can icon (on the right), or by selecting the row and then clicking on the "Actions> Delete" button. When you delete an affiliate all data related to him are deleted permanently from the affiliate network. Transactions and payments remain recorded in the system, but anonymously.

4.6. Login to the affiliate panel

By clicking on the arrow icon, located at the right of each row, you can log in to the affiliate panel. Accessing the affiliate panel allows you to see exactly what the affiliate would see. It is useful for obtaining affiliate's banner/link codes and for testing.

4.7. Other users

From the "Users" page you can manage not only the affiliates but also administrators and advertisers. Managing administrators and advertisers works the same way.


Administrators can access the admin panel and view and manage every aspect of your affiliate network.

Using exclusions, you can choose whether or not an administrator shoud view certain pages of the admin panel.

Advertisers can access the advertiser panel, where they can see the statistics of their advertising campaigns.

Using permissions, you can choose if an advertiser should view or view and manage the transactions and the relations.