10 affiliate program directory to find new affiliates in 2023

10 affiliate program directory to find new affiliates in 2023

Affiliate program directory are websites that lists hundreds of affiliate programs, classified by categories, features, commissions, countries, etc. Affiliates are constantly looking for new offers in their niche and these websites help them find and start new partnership. 

The good news is that It’s a good opportunity for you as well. If you are looking to recruit new affiliates, you can publish your affiliate program on these websites, usually for free. By promoting your affiliate program you can boost your visibility and find some new affiliates interested to promote your products. 

Affiliate program directory

List of affiliate program directory 

Here are 10 affiliate program directory where you can promote you affiliate program for free.

1. AffiliationsWorld (sponsored by us)
2. Affiliateseeking
3. AffiliateProgramDB 
4. Affiliateprogramsdir
5. Affiliateguide
6. Affiliateprograms
7. Associateprograms
8. Bestaffiliateprogramreviews 
9. Greenaffiliateprograms (health & beauty only)
10. Alverde (italian directory)

Useful tips

Describe your brand, but most important, your affiliate program commissions structure and benefits. Making it appealing to potential affiliates. 

Don't forget to add the direct link to your affiliate program page (where you describe it), not of your homepage. This will helps affiliates to join and your affiliate page to stand out in the search engines. 

Article published on: 14.07.2021

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