Which are the best affiliate networks

Which are the best affiliate networks

Find out which are the 3 best affiliate networks worldwide. It is estimated that the affiliate marketing industry has generated approximately 11% of global online sales. Each of these "big players" has important numbers and offers hundreds, if not thousands, of affiliate programs to choose from. Most of these programs are from famous brands, world leaders in their field, and as an affiliate you can easily access them, promote them and earn money.

With our affiliate software you can also work as a sub-network. Let your affiliates promote these affiliate programs and multiply your profits. Add the affiliate programs of these networks into your platform and have them promoted by your affiliates, paying them a percentage of the commission you get. The tracking system of our affiliate software is fully compatible with these networks and allows you to automatically track and register the commissions generated by your affiliates in real time.


Awin is a global network of affiliate marketing and enables publishers and advertisers of all sizes to grow their online business. It was founded in 2000 and thanks to the recent merger between Affiliate Window and Zanox, Awin today has a network of over 15,000 advertisers and 200,000 publishers internationally.

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Best affiliate networks: Awin

Commission junction

Commission junction, also known as cj, is the world's best-known affiliate network. It is currently the leading company in the affiliate marketing industry. Commission junction was founded in 1998 and today boasts over 4,000 advertisers and more than 500,000 active publishers from around the world.

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Best affiliate networks: CJ


Tradedoubler is a global affiliate network with 20 years of experience in digital marketing innovation. Founded in 1999, tradedoubler connects over 2,000 brands with 180,000 publishers. Tradedoubler offers industry-leading affiliate marketing solutions and allows you to generate additional revenue from your website.

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Best affiliate networks: Tradedoubler

Other affiliation networks

In addition to these there are hundreds of other affiliate networks. You can perform a quick search on google to find a lot of them. Our affiliate software is compatible with most affiliate network, so all you have to do is sign up and add the affiliate programs on AffiliationSoftware.

Article published on: 19.10.2020

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