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How to find affiliates for your affiliate program, 5 easiest ways

5 ways to find affiliates that will promote your affiliate program

The affiliates are the users who promote your affiliate program with banners and links. There are several ways to recruit new affiliates, this tutorial explains 5 of the most simple and effective ways to find new affiliates.

How to find new affiliates

1. Create a page on your website

The easiest way to promote your affiliate program and allow users to sign up is to create a dedicated page on your website. This page should describe your affiliate program (benefits, commissions, etc.) and drive users to register and promote it. Don't forget to include a link on this page that leads to the affiliate program’s registration page. If you want to see an example, you can take a look at our page.

2. Send a newsletter to your customers

Another great way is to contact your existing customers and inform them about the possibility of making money by recommending your products to their friends. Surely you already have some customers who bought your products and were extremely impressed. So why not take the opportunity to ask them if they are interested to promote your products to their friends and earn money for each referred sale? They only have to sign up to your affiliate program and share their links.

3. Contact topic related websites and blogs

One of the best techniques to find quality affiliates that bring sales is to look for websites and blogs that deal with topics similar to your website. Once you have identified them, just contact the owners and agree on a percentage for each sale generated through their advertising. The advertising that can be done on a website is very wide and includes: banner display, links in articles and reviews, promotional emails, etc. Creating successful advertising partnerships with the right websites is the key to increase your sales.

4. Advertise in affiliate programs’ directories

There are several affiliate programs directories on the web. These sites allow anyone to enter their affiliate program, advertise it to users and find new affiliates. In this case it is particularly important to explain well what your affiliate program is about, in order to attract targeted affiliates and increase conversions. Most directories are free, but you can consider investing for a “featured” paid listing to immediately increase visibility.

5. Recruit new affiliates with multi-level

Did you know that once started, your affiliate program can grow by itself? By setting up multi-level or referrals commissions you can incentivize your existing affiliates to promote your affiliate program, in addition to your website. If you enable multi-level, every user who signs up to your affiliate program thanks to another affiliate automatically becomes his sub-affiliate. When a sub-affiliate refers a sale, his sponsor earns a multi-level commission too. This method allows you to grow your sales network with minimal effort.

BONUS: Create campaigns on affiliate networks

Affiliate networks are platforms that sponsor multiple affiliate programs.  One of the strengths here, is that they have a lot of affiliates who could promote your brand. Add your affiliate program in your favorites affiliate networks and track conversions using the Third Party Pixel (3PP). This way you can create effective advertising campaigns and significantly increase sales.

Article published on: 06.07.2021

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