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How to create your own affiliate network in 2023

How to create your own affiliate network in 2023

Learn how to create your own affiliate network and make money with online advertising and Affiliate Marketing. In this article you will find out what you need to easily start your own affiliate network.

1. You need a website

To create your affiliate network you need a businss website, where you will briefly describe your services. Usually this presentation website explains how your affiliate network works, the type of commissions offered, the available payment methods, and shows some of the advertisers you work with.

It doesn't matter if your site is built with Wordpress or WIX. To connect your website to your affiliate network you just need to insert 2 links:

The first link directs you to the signup page, this way the users can sign up to your affiliate network.

The second link directs to the affiliate panel, this way the users can log in, apply for your affiliate programs, publish banners/links and see the statistics in real time.

You can find an example, and a good opportunity to earn with our affiliate program, here.

On NameCheap you can create your website with hosting and 1st level domain starting from 2.88$ per month.

Example of affiliate network website


Chosing the right affiliate software is very important. Carefully check that the software has all the features you need. Also check that it is compatible with the websites and the affiliate networks where you want to track conversions.

In this tutorial we will explain how to configure everything with our affiliate software, that you can try 30 days for free.

The first thing to do to create your own affiliate network is to complete the setup wizard, by entering the name of your affiliate network and upload your logo.

Set up your affiliate network

The second thing to do is to create one or more advertising campaigns (also called offers or affiliate programs) . Set the name of the campaign and the commissions you want to pay to your affiliates. Don't forget to add at least one banner or link, to allow your affiliates to promote this campaign.

The last thing is to set up your tracking code, this way each referred sale or lead will be automatically tracked. If you use a website that is compatibile with AffiliationSoftware, you can request specific tracking instructions, otherwise you can check our General tracking solution.

If you own an e-commerce website, you can advertise your products; otherwise you can collaborate directly with other advertisers, or you can promote big brands working with other affiliate networks as sub-network.

Create an affiliate program


Affiliates are the lifeblood of your affiliate network. They are the ones who generate the profits by promoting your campaigns. To recruit them you can promote your website, post ads, post in niche forum, affiliate directories, social networks, etc. Learn more in our article 5 ways to find new affiliates.

You can also get your affiliates to recruit other affiliates by taking advantage of referrals and multilevel commissions.

Don't forget that you should not only have to recruit them, convincing them to choose your affiliate network, but also carefully select and monitor them to make sure they are performing well promoting your campaigns.

When an affiliate refer a sale or a lead, AffiliationSoftware recognizes and automatically assigns him a commission. When an affiliate reaches the minimum amount you can send him the payment of his commissions. Learn more about on how to manage your own affiliate network.

Affiliates of your affiliate network

Article published on: 16.09.2020

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