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Admin panel

Admin panel

The admin panel can only be accessed by you as an administrator. In the admin panel you can create advertising campaigns, manage affiliates, commissions, payments and all of your affiliate network’s settings.

The admin panel’s homepage is divided into 5 sections.

Manage the admin panel

The admin panel is made of several pages, which are shown in the menu on the left. Each page allows you to manage a specific section of your affiliate network.

In the admin panel’s homepage you can find a summary of your affiliate network.  There you can see the tasks that need your approval and the latest statistics.
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On this page you can manage all the affiliates registered to your affiliate network. Affiliates are users who sign up to your affiliate network to promote campaigns and earn commissions. Only affiliates with  "Active" as status can access the affiliate panel.
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On this page you can configure and manage your advertising campaigns. Each campaign is an affiliate program in itself and has its own commissions and banners/links.
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Banners and links
Here you can add banners and links, affiliates can use them to promote your campaigns. Once added, banners and links are automatically generated for all affiliates. To use them, affiliates just have to copy and paste the code available in their panel.
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On this page you can manage the affiliates’ who applied for your campaigns. With commission segments you can also assign higher or lower commissions to specific affiliates.
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In these pages you will find the statistics of your affiliate network. Thanks to real-time graphs and reports, you can monitor the traffic and the conversions generated by affiliates. All reports are in real-time. Use the search filters to see only the results that interest you. 
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When an affiliate generates a conversion (such as a sale), AffiliationSoftware recognizes it and assigns him a commission, registering it on the transactions page. Only transactions with "Approved" as status will be paid to affiliates.
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When the affiliate‘s  approved commissions reach the minimum amount to receive the payment, the affiliate is reported on the "pending payments" page. At this point you can send him the payment and click on "mark as paid" to register it in your affiliate network.
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On this page you will find several useful tools for your affiliate network. You can send emails and newsletters, upload banners, view system logs, and much more.
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The settings allow you to change all aspects of your affiliate network, allowing you to configure it according to your needs. On the settings page you can also generate your tracking codes.
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3.2. Total commissions

In the upper right corner of each page you will see the totals of the commissions generated by all affiliates. "Pending" commissions must be validated, while "approved" commissions are valid and ready to be paid to the affiliates.

3.3. last 30 days

It is a graph with all the statistics generated by the affiliates in the past 30 days. Statistics are divided by day. By clicking on the graph you can see the dates and the amounts. By clicking on the links above you can view different metrics (transactions, clicks and affiliates).

3.4. Pending tasks

Show the tasks that need your approval, among them: new affiliate subscriptions, campaign registrations, transactions awaiting validation and pending payments. By clicking on the number you can see what type of task it is, and after selecting the rows, you can click on the "Actions" button to approve or refuse them.

3.5. Statistics overview

Here you can find recent statistics, which show traffic and conversions generated by all affiliates. These statistics are grouped by period, and allow you to see different reports, such as: today, yesterday, week and current month.